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NEW FOLK ALBUM Pre-Order (due to be released the beginning of April)
NEW ALBUM to be released early April PRE-PAY to receive one of the first copies upon release!!
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Cathy is in the studio these days recording Album number 10 in honor of her SILVER ANNIVERSARY - 25 years of music assisting in her Right Livelihood.  This next album will be another FOLK ALBUM, as Cathy says, "Folk Music is my roots!  When I learned how to play the guitar I was learning folks songs from the late 60s/early 70s.  I intend to bring people back to a place in time, and life, when sweet memories are sparked, and life, truly, was a bit more simple and sweet!  I intend to introduce the generations that didn't get to experience, first hand, those songs at that time, to experience them now in all their glory! Songs from the late Great Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Carole King, Janis Joplin, Carly Simon, Neil Sedaka and others.  Songs on this album will include Cohen's HALLELUJAH, SUZANNE, Dylan's IT AIN'T ME BABE, BLOWIN' IN THE WIND, King's  HOME AGAIN, Joplin's MERCEDES BENZ, Simon's DAN MY FLING, Sedaka's SOLITAIRE, Pete Segar's TURN, TURN, TURN (To Everything There Is A Season), as well as CITY OF NEW ORLEANS, I'VE BEEN EVERYWHERE, ABRAHAM/MARTIN AND JOHN, TODAY, and a few more. 
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