Your choice of songs - $2.00 per song. This includes the artwork on the CD, a jewel case and song information. A small shipping fee will be charged for orders of less than 6 songs.

Ordering Instructions:
1.  Enter an "X" next to the song title you choose from the list of songs below.

2. After you have chosen your songlist and entered your email address, count the number of songs selected, and click on STORE

3. In the STORE scroll down to "next page" and click on that.

4. Go to CUSTOM CD and click on "view details".

5. Enter the number of songs you are ordering.

6. If adding shipping for less than 6 songs - click on "view details under "SHIPPING FOR CUSTOM CD".

7. If adding INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - click on "view details" and continue.

8.  You can then click on "view cart" and continue checking out via paypal.
Please don't hesitate to email us if you have ANY questions.

We will receive an email letting us know that you are placing an order, or that it is complete.  We will confirm via email and your Custom CD will be ready to manufacture.

Thank you!

**Indicates songs written by Cathy Bolton