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Your support - through CD sales, kind and gracious words, and energy keep me going!  I'd like to, also, thank you for not burning copies of the CDs that you purchase to share with your family and friends.  If they are for your own enjoyment so that you can have a copy for home and your car, that is perfectly understandable.  Letting your family and friends know about my website allows them the opportunity to purchase CDs, should they want to do that.  Thank you so much!

  Shari Dyer
Tuesday, September 4, 2018
Cathy is always a joy to be around. Her music always inspires me. The lyrics reach out with love, a reflection of her spirit. When I am down, I play one of Cathy's CDs. Her music brings me up everytime. If you get a chance to go to one of her concerts, don't hesitate - it will be a memoriable, sweet, wonderful time for you. 
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  Marty Pierce
Thursday, March 1, 2018
Cathy, Sending you unconditional, abundances of love and support, as your journey in music keeps you going!! You are a class act and a kind spirit that shines for us all. Hugs and much love from WI!! Marty and Anne Marie Pierce
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