It’s difficult to place Cathy Bolton’s music into one particular genre.  Singer-Songwriter – International Recording Artist with an easy listening style that crosses Folk with Country, light Pop with a little blues, and Irish folk flavor.  Having organized and worked with bands in the past, her solo career is what has gained her the most recognition, the largest audiences, and 9 recordings.  
Her performances include selections of her own material, along with songs that she has recorded, and performs by John Denver, Dolly Parton, Joan Baez, John Lennon, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Peter Yarrow, Skip Ewing and others.  Stories and humorous experiences weave her songs together for an event that you won’t soon forget.

Cathy is booked in venues for concerts, coffee houses, private home concerts,  and church services traveling around the U.S. and Canada

Her music has also taken her to Australia, The Netherlands and Germany. 

Cathy's dear friend, the late, Great Dennis Weaver composed a poem many years ago to which Cathy set to music in 2006.  She titled it DREAM YOUR EAGLE and placed in on her ANGELS and EAGLES album.   It is currently receiving radio airplay and was presented as consideration for a 51st annual Grammy Award, in 2009.  The following link is a wonderful journey of Dennis' film career, accompanied by this song. Click on "musical tribute to Dennis" for a heartwarming experience.

Songwriting projects include compostions on each of her 9 music albums, a track composed for a children’s DVD based on the book written by Connie Bowen, and titled "I Believe In Me", and also for an author’s website upon the release of that author's published book.  Cathy's most recent composition submission was for Eckhart Tolle and Robert Friedman’s movie based on their children’s book titled Milton’s Secret, An Adventure of Discovery Through the Power of Then, When and Now.

Windham Hill Records  included four of Cathy’s Inspirational selections of music on two collaboration albums, along with pieces by Yanni, George Winston, and Jim Brickman.

Concert openings include world known recording artist Toby Keith and the late, great Dan Seals.  With travel to Nashville, in the past, for her music business, as a performer and songwriter, she performed several times at the renowned Bluebird Café

Another aspect of her career includes her Music Ministry for the Conversations with God Spiritual Retreats with author, NEALE DONALD WALSCH.  For the past 19 years she has played a large role in these life changing experiences as people gather from around the world to share their life stories as they move beyond their fears and self limitations with Grace and Gratitude.  She serves as  Vice President on the Board of Trustees for the CwG Foundation in Ashland, OR.

Other authors that she has provided music for include Alan Cohen, Joan Borysenko, Debbie Ford, James Twyman, Echo Bodine, Lisette Larkins and the creator of The Spiritual Cinema Circle, Stephen Simon, prior to, and during their literary presentations.

"I am very clear that this Gift of Music moves through me - from God to me to You. The largest reason that I continue to deliver my gift of music is to touch HEARTS and LIVES in a profound way.  It is always my intention that the words from the songs that I write, and sing - either my own or another songwriter's masterpieces - and the vibration of my voice strike a chord in you, so that it can change that moment, your day, or even your life because of that vibration.  It is my intention to "serve" in this way.  May the songs that you hear in a live performance or in my recordings make a difference for you.  Thank you for allowing me such a bless-ed opportunity! I am the Grateful one,"

The late, Great Dennis Weaver – actor, author,  and friend  said: “Cathy is an angel whose music speaks to your heart, and sings to your soul.”

Neale Donald Walsch, author and friend says about her:  “The joy, the love, the gentle wisdom, and the deep insight that Cathy and her music bring to the space produces the miracle called Healing.  There is no “thank you” large enough to embrace the enormity of that gift.  I’m always humbled and inspired by her.

Cathy started singing when she was 6 years old. She always felt drawn to music and the joy that it brought to the hearts and lives of others. The fulfillment she felt singing from her heart, and soul was immeasurable. As she grew, learning guitar in her early teens came easily.

 "I still remember what it felt like, at the age of 13, to step up onto the stage, and perform for the public. Although I had performed at the age of 6, being nervous was not something I experienced as a child. Somehow, upon passage from childhood to the teen-age years the importance of 'what others think and how they respond' become incredibly important. I was SO nervous, I was sure that everyone in the crowd could see my knees knocking together. Despite the nervousness, I was absolutely certain performing was something that I would choose as part of my musical career."

Solo performances kicked off her musical career and by the age of 19, performances with pop/rock and country/rock groups became a large part of assisting her in moving her career forward.

Born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, she is number 5 out of 6 children.

At the age of 6, she debuted as a performer for the very first time, as a third grade teacher , Mrs. Payne, took her from her first grade classroom and invited her to sing to the second and third grade classrooms, her two biggest hits at that time,  the "Alphabet Song" and "Wooden Heart" in French (a song she learned from her French Grandmother).

At the age of 13, public performances started to increase, from mini concerts for her peers, to wedding ceremonies and memorial services for family and friends.  Up until this point in time her brothers would accompany her by playing the guitar while she and her sister would sing for family and neighbors. The desire to play guitar and accompany herself motivated her to learn a few chords and to continue to learn until self accompaniment became a part of her performances.

Having completed high school, and moving "out into the world", Moorhead, Minnesota became home for the next 11 months. It so happened,  the Ramada Inn was opening a new cabaret lounge. Having built a repertoire of her favorite contemporary folk, pop and country songs, she welcomed the opportunity to begin her solo career.

With a move back "home", a teen-age girl's dream manifested as she joined a local pop/rock group. Musical selections included some of her favorites as performed by Linda Ronstadt, Fleetwood Mac, Peter, Paul and Mary, Bob Seger, Joan Baez, Janis Joplin, Judy Collins, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

In addition to working with the band Solo peformances continued.  Opportunities to participate in local and regional song contests arose.  In 1978 Cathy entered a contest sponsored by Northern Michigan University with the top prize being cash and a gig at the Student Coffee House.  Cathy "wowed" the crowd with her Gibson B45 Twelve string guitar and her renditions of Me and Bobby McGee, and Joan Baez's Diamonds & Rust.  The top prize of cash and the gig was awarded to Cathy.  

Another award winning moment came at a club a few years later.  Cathy placed first with, again, a cash prize, and local recognition. 

With marriage, followed by the birth of two incredible children, music continued to be a large part of her life, secondary only to her family.  

Moving the family to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, larger opportunities became available for all, including her musical career. At the time, rock and roll music of bands such as Heart, Pat Benatar, The Pretenders, and Scandal was the rage.

 "I quickly realized that if I was going to sing, I would have to perform what was selling. At least until I became established in the business. I learned a great deal in the process -- from performing on stage to improving vocal strength. It was an exhilarating time of my life."

For 9 months, the band Pedestrian held her interest. Self managed, the band was more than ready to present their melodic sounds with great musicianship and hamonic vocals. With only two pubic appearances in that amount of time, and some of the members feeling the need to continue the rehearsing before more gigs could be had, Cathy became impatient with them, knowing this was not a way to gain exposure, or further a music career. She left the group, taking with her a key player to begin her first group, naming them Intuition. The band was very successful, performing in the Milwaukee and outlying communities every week-end for weddings and private parties for over three years.

Cathy's  love of country music tempted her to leave Intuition and form the country/rock group of Long Shot. (Intuition replaced her and continued on successfully.) In the heart of the country music popularity, Long Shot's repertoire included songs by the then popular groups, and artists such as Highway 101, Pam Tillis, Reba McEntire, Lorrie Morgan, EmmyLou Harris, Bailey and the Boys, as well as some original tunes. Performing in the local Country Music Clubs in Milwaukee 5 and 6 mights a week, and at the Wisconsin State Fair for 3 years, as well as the popular Hodag Festival in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, brought the band award nominated success.
"It was quite an honor to be nominated for Milwaukee's WAMMI AWARDS!" (A Regional Grammy-type Award).

When conflict of interests arose as to the type of music the band members desired to play, Cathy allowed them to follow their heart's desire as she continued to perform her heart's desire of country and folk music. Once again, her solo career seemed to be what would work best for her. Always maintaining that her performances kept her close to home so she could be with the family, her solo career continued to do the same.  It was at this time in her solo career that she received continued recognition for her gift of music through her donation of time, and talent, to organizations such as the MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION, The BIG WESTERN CLUB, and benefits for the well being of fellow human beings.

As the solo work continued, the songwriting began to flow.


  • The release of her first co-produced/self-distributed inspirational album Changes brings much joy and healing to the hearts and lives of many.  The album project was recorded in Chicago with Steve Rashid as the Engineer for this project and award winning composer/musician/producer Ed Tossing.


  • Her second album titled In the Garden was recorded, again, in Chicago, this time with Ed Tossing Engineering and, and co-producing.  This album continued to please her audiences. Performances still remained on a local level so that the children could have Mom in their every day lives.
  • The opportunity to open in concert for Nashville recording artists, Dan Seals, and Toby Keith, presented larger audiences.
  • While performing for an audience in Milwaukee, prior to the lecture of Neale Donald Walsch, the author of Conversations with God, Cathy touched the ears and heart of the world famed author. Neale and his wife, Nancy, invited Cathy to join them in various places of travel and perform her inspirational music at his lectures and retreats around the country, Canada and Australia. With the children now being in their teen age years, the timing was divine, so accepting was easy.
  • Invited to perform at the Cleveland Whole Life Expo and to open with music prior to lectures by authors Debbie Ford, James Twyman, Echo Bodine, Doreen Virtue, and others broadened audience appeal.  "My favorite meeting was with Dan Millman, author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior (a must read!) 


  • Fans were ready for a new album. Cathy wanted this one to be songs that she performed of other songwriter's that were favorites of her listeners, and that they requested to have her recordings of, so went into Ed Tossing's studio in Chicago to co-produce, and record The Wind Beneath My Wings.
  • One of several honors earned, and bestowed, was the gift of having two selections chosen for a Windham Hill/BMG Music album titled "Conversations with God - Disc 2". Among the talents of famed recording artists Yanni, George Winston, and Jim Brickman, Cathy's composition "Remember Who You Are" and her version of "Amazing Grace" are included in this incredible collection of music. CDs are available in major record stores throughout the country.


  • In the fall, a letter arrived from a Korean record producer. Having heard Cathy's self-penned song, Remember Who You Are, she was offered use of it as a television theme song. She was asked to provide a full album, to be distributed once the television show is aired. This album will be distributed in Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. A concert in Korea will follow distribution of the album.


  • Performances continue for the Conversations with God spiritual retreats, along with singer/songwriter/recording artist Don Eaton.  Released on Walsch Music label is Cathy and Don's album Songs from Conversations with God Spiritual Retreats.  This project was engineered by the talented Jim Fischer in Vancouver, WA.
  • Cathy is offered the position of MUSIC DIRECTOR for THE CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD FOUNDATION.  The retreats are held in various places around the country/world.  For more information and a life changing experience go to and click on 'retreats'. 
  • Once again, the honor of being presented on a Windham Hill/BMG Music album occurs. Released in October of 2000, "Communion with God", includes another of Cathy's compositions "Namaste' (I Honor Thee)", and her rendition of "The Wind Beneath My Wings". The CD is available in major record stores throughout the country.
  • Easter Sunday April 23rd Cathy was invited to join authors James Twyman, Doreen Virtue and Gregg Braden to Joshua Tree Desert for the GREAT EXPERIMENT II - linking millions of people around the world in prayer and the energy being measured by Scientists to prove that everything IS energy and prayer is powerful.  Cathy performed Amazing Grace among other selections.


  • Album number 5 is created - Christmas Love (Oh the Christmas Tree).  This one is an album of some of Cathy's favorite holiday songs.  "Ave Maria is my absolute favorite on this album.  I'm also very proud of the title track, Christmas Love (Oh the Christmas Tree).  It is a friend's experience of the Christmas season, but I think many people can relate to the 'feeling' of the song.  This album is engineered and co-produced by the incredibly gifted Jim Fischer in Vancouver, WA.  Although I wrote the lyrics for Christmas Love, Jim wrote the music, so the song belongs to both of us.  I guarantee you will really enjoy the production on this album, and my choice of songs!"


  • Performances are many, as are the opportunities to continue to travel to some beautiful places, meeting beautiful people.  Neale, Nancy, and some of the staff from The Conversations with God Foundation traveled to Australia where two retreats took place.  Both were near Sydney.  Cathy took advantage of being in Australia and visited with a friend in Melbourne after the retreats, and prior to returning to the states.  "Australia is now my favorite place on this planet!  The people are so wonderful, and the parts of the country that I saw were absolutely beautiful.  I think one of the highlights of sites for me (besides the wallabees, Tazmanian Devil, Kangaroo crossing signs, and the wineries) was the Southern Cross - the  incredible constellation of stars that can only be seen in that part of the world.  Awesome!!  How blessed I am!!"
  • Movie Producer and author, Stephen Simon (What Dreams May Come, Bill and Ted's Great Adventure w/Keanu Reeves, Somewhere in Time, Conversations with God - the movie, and others) toured the country with his new book, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU, Mystical Movie Messages That Inspire Our Lives.  Cathy joined Stephen in Chicago and Milwaukee to provide music for his lectures.
  • THE RECORDING ACADEMY, 0f THE GRAMMY ASSOCIATION, sponsored a SONGWRITING CONTEST to which Cathy entered her song "I've Sent You Only Angels".  With over 300 song entries the panel of 10 judges (made up of Record Producers, and a Musician from a top 10 Rock Group) listened until 3:00 in the morning to every submission.  They then chose 10 songs out of these 300 plus entries and I'VE SENT YOU ONLY ANGELS was one of the songs chosen.  The songs received professional critiquing, and all of the judges commented on the Beauty of Cathy's VOICE. 


  • Album number 6, From The Heart, is recorded, and again, Engineer/co-producer Jim Fischer in Vancouver, WA.  assists with the project. This album has 14 songs in all - 2 of which are Cathy's originals You Are Here Right Now, and From God to Me to You.  Other songs include Imagine (John Lennon), Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World medley (arrangement by "Iz" - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole who was from Hawaii), Put A Little Love in Your Heart, Colors of the Wind (theme from Pocahontas), One of Us, 3 John Denver songs Eagles and Horses, Andromeda(Welcome to My Morning), Seasons of the Heart, Come From the Heart, a song written by Karen Taylor-Good, Half Empty/Half Full, The Co-Dependency song, written by Michael Brown, and Only One of Us written by award winning composer Jerry Brunskill.  "You will really like this one - I'm sure!!"
  • Wedding bells rang for Cathy and one of her first loves of 30 years ago.  With their re-connection, Cathy and Tim were married on July 3rd of this year.  "It's true that Love comes to those who wait.  Sounds like a song to me!"


  • Another busy year ahead!  Life is grand, indeed!


  • Life can change in the blink of an eye, or the beat of a heart.  Although music continues to fill Cathy's life and those around her, the trajedy of her husband Tim's death shook and shocked all!  Tim made his transition on July 20th in a plane crash near Ft. Worth, Texas at the age of 52. "Grief is a process that is not an easy one for anyone to experience. Knowing the truth about Tim's life continuing in a different form, makes it a bit easier, however, no longer having him here in my physical presence is, by far, the most difficult experience in this lifetime.  Thank GOD for the people in my life, and the music in my soul!"


  • It has been a very difficult year, emotionally, however Cathy continues to deliver the Gift of Music she came into this lifetime to deliver.  The spring of the year was the perfect time for Cathy to be in the studio with dear Friend and Maestro, Jim Fischer, to co-create album number 7. "This was a very healing project for me, and part of my Conscious Grieving."  Having written 5 of the 14 songs on this album, the title track Angels and Eagles was a tribute to Tim, and Cathy's grief process around his physical absence.  Included on this album is John Denver's The Wings That Fly Us Home, Dolly Parton's Eagle When She Flies, Rhonda Fleming and Don Schlitz's song Give Me Wings, along with You Raise Me Up, Wake Up and Dream written by award winning composer/engineer/musician Ed Tossing and Thom Bishop, a poem written by Cathy's dear friend, the late, great Dennis Weaver - Dream Your Eagle, and songs written by Cathy - the title track Angels and Eagles, In the Glow, and An Angel For the World.   She re-recorded The Wind Beneath My Wings not only to fit the theme of Wings and Angels, but to change a line in the song from "I am nothing without you" to "I am more loved because of you".  So far the word is from those who have purchased copies of this album that it is definitely some of Cathy's 'BEST' work.
  • Travels continue, more than ever now, as she uses her Gift to touch hearts and lives around the globe.


  • A new year, and new adventures.  Cathy is blessed with the opportunity to winter in Osprey, Florida, while performing a bit, and writing new material.   New friends/old soul connections continue with the Creative Thought Center in Waynesville, North Carolina on the trip down to Florida, and again on the return trip.  "My life continues to be blessed with all of the wonderful people that I have opportunities to connect with while on this journey of music and life. "     
  • Invited to Ridgway Colorado to perform her song DREAM YOUR EAGLE-the poem written by dear friend, actor, author, human being extraordinaire Dennis Weaver, to which Cathy composed music for,  was a huge honor.  Dennis' beloved wife, Gerry, sons and daughter in law co-created a beautiful park with the land that Dennis and Gerry donated to the town of Ridgway for this Memorial Park. People came from all over the country to this wonderful event - to honor Dennis and Gerry and support the new park.  Check out the this website to see the park, and hear the song:                                                                                                                                      
  • The calendar continued to fill with wonderful opportunities to share her gift of music, bringing some new venues for Cathy, new places to visit, and new hearts to connect with.  A trip to The Netherlands  unfolded, as Cathy traveled abroad to co-write with composer, Erik Pleijsier, from TPO Studios in Rotterdam.   Cathy and Erik recorded 3 songs and will return to the studio in the near future to compose, and record more songs for this album project.
  • While in The Netherlands Cathy joined author Neale Donald Walsch, his partner Em,  and guests from various places around the world on a 7 day River Boat Cruise from Prague, Czech Republic to Berlin, Germany.  (This was a Conversations with God Spiritual Retreat, for which Cathy  provides music along with fellow musician, Don Eaton, (  This year marks 10 years of providing music for the retreats held in Ashland, OR and Black Mt., N.C. a few times throughout the year.    "New friendships were made which added to my family while on the road!"


  • Winter number 2 in Florida and the opportunity to continue to keep working, and connecting with hearts and lives, keeps the career moving forward.  "I am so grateful to be out of the winter weather and to not have to be concerned about winter storms and gigs having to be cancelled."  


  • DREAM YOUR EAGLE receives radio airplay, allowing it to be considered for a 51st annual Grammy Award Nomination.  Although the song was not chosen to be nominated, it was an honor, just the same.  People continue to love the song and ask for it at the shows.
  • Album number 8 Back To My Roots is released after time spent in the studio, once again with Engineer, Co-producer, Musician Extraordinaire and dear Friend, Jim Fischer.  This album contains many of Cathy's favorite folk songs which she learned when she first began playing the guitar.  The title track is an original composition,and co-written with Jim.  So very many people are enjoying this album as it takes them "Back to their roots",


  • " This year marks the beginning of year number 17  of music assisting in making my living.  Where DOES the time go?  I am so truly blessed!"
  • Near the end of this year Cathy met Tuck Self - a self proclaimed Personal Growth Enthusiast and host of  TUCK TALK RADIO - while performing a concert in Columbia SC.  Tuck invited her to be a guest on her very popular internet radio show "THE REBEL BELLE" on THE VOICE AMERICA Talk Radio Network.


  • Cathy will continue songwriting - her focus being for television and movies, as well as live performances.
  • On March 27th of this year the five LARGEST U.S. FLAGS were unfurled at the FLORIDA STATE FAIR GROUNDS in TAMPA,FL.  Cathy performed in concert, including the song GOD BLESS AMERICA, which will be included in a future recording of PATRIOTIC SONGS.  (Release date is unknown at this point in time).

  • Plans for a new recording project are in the works!!

  • Watch her performance schedule for bookings in your area, or book her for an event.

  • Songwriting continues - including collaborating with other talented songwriters.
  • House concerts become more and more popular as many folks choose to stay 'closer to home' and entertain in their beautiful abodes, inviting friends and family to share an intimate evening of music, laughter, food and spirits.  Consider booking a House Concert in YOUR home for this year.
  • Album number 9 ......... still 'in the hopper' as Cathy continues to write songs for it, and to choose music of other songwriters to round it out.
  • As Cathy's dear GrandMother said many years ago "as the years march along, time seems to go faster, and faster".  Moving her Mama in with her, and being her CareGiver, since June of 2011 has caused 2012 to have passed quicker than the blink of an eye.  Performances, with a bit of travel, kept the ball rolling, however finding a balance between "Mothering My Mother" (yes! it is the title for my upcoming book that I have been working on), and maintaining a position in the music business has been a bit challenging at times.  The support of Family, Friends and Fans has been monumental, and deeply appreciated!  Thank you for your attendance, and support at my live performances, for purchasing my albums at the shows, and all who order  CDs and Goddess Wraps from this website.  I am more grateful than I can ever express in words!
  • "Mama" continues to do well with the quality of care that Cathy is able to give her.  With occasional help from family to care for Mama when a tour, or a bit of travel comes up, Cathy is able to continue to deliver her gift of music.  
  • After time spent in the studio with Engineer, Co-producer, Musician Extraordinaire, and dear Friend, Jim Fischer, album number 9 - PASSAGE OF TIME - is released by the end of July.  The album contains 12 songs - 6 of which are Cathy's original compositions, and the other 6 being written by other songwriters - songs that resonate with her and that she has been performing for a number of years.  
  • The beginning of this year marks 17 years of working alongside of her Friend, and colleague, Neale Donald Walsch, as she brings her Music Ministry to the Conversations With God Retreats 4 times a year in beautiful Southern Oregon.
  • Concert performances, and touring, will continue this year as Cathy begins her 22nd year of music assisting in her "Right Livelihood". 
  • "Your continued Love, Friendship and Support are appreciated more than I could ever express!
  • Please keep in mind that Cathy can be booked for House Concerts, Life Celebrations/Memorials, Weddings, Festivals, Fairs, Dinner Clubs, Private Celebrations and Parties, Church Services, EXPOS, and Theater Concerts.  Contact Cathy through this website, or at Please honor that this email address is not to be used for mass mailings, or forwards.  It is for YOUR personal notes to Cathy, and inquiries about her music and Seamstress work.
  • ".......and the seasons they go 'round and 'round......the painted poinies go up and down.....we're captive on this carousel of time......we can't return we can only look .......behind from where we came.....and go 'round and 'round and 'round in THE CIRCLE GAME......"  These are lyrics from the amazing Singer/Songwriter, JONI MITCHELL.  This particular song is on Cathy's Folk Album - BACK TO MY ROOTS and she says about it,  "Everytime I sing this song at a show, or a Spiritual Retreat it reminds me how quickly time goes by - how we cannot recapture anything from the past other than memories, hopefully without regret.  I find that it's being fully present, and awake in each moment that allows me to not have "regrets" about things that I say, or do in each experience.  Having Mama living with me keeps me on my toes in that regard, although I am not always pleased with myself - not always fully present and awake.  I feel it in my gut, however, those moments that don't feel good after saying or doing something that didn't come from my highest place of who I am, or who I am capable of BEing.  And so, it's become a conscious practice of stating out loud to Mama, or myself what didn't feel good about a particular moment in time. It's so true - 'we can't return, we can only look behind from where we came' - and move on.  
    The time of caregiving for my dear Mom- now 85 years old - is coming to a close as I move her into an Assisted Living Home where good people who do that kind of thing (take loving care of Elders) will "take the baton" for me and run with it.  She continued to present so much to me to assist me in remembering who I am, and to teach me a few things that I didn't even know I had, yet, to learn.  She continues to be my biggest fan when it comes to my music, and that I will carry in my heart, and mind, to the end of my time here on earth.  As I continue my musical journey, knowing that she is being well cared for, she, once again, gives me wings to fly."
  • Always being drawn to FOLK MUSIC, and her roots being a good part of that, Cathy is putting together a FOLK REVIEW SHOW that will cover the tunes of Peter Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, John Denver, Cathy Bolton and many more songwriters from that era.  Perhaps a second Folk Album of Music will be one of the results from that.  She is asking her Friends and Fans to assist her in coming up with a name for her show that will be ready for touring in 2016.  All ideas can be emailed to us at
  • Speaking of new albums.......Cathy is currently writing for her 10th Music Album, which is slated to be recorded and released by the second half of 2016.  This year marks 23 years of music providing her with "right livelihood".  Cathy says about that, "Looking back to when I decided to pull all other irons out of the fire and focus on music I am so Grateful that I never allowed myself to think anything other than "IT WAS POSSIBLE!"  I watched other people making a living at it, and I was very careful to not choose words that limited possibilities.  Being an eternal optimist helps!  (Something I learned as a child from my dear Mama!  She was that - and continues to be - an eternal optimist!)  We all do "something" in this life to assist us in making our living, paying our bills and saving for the future years.  Music has always been my choice, and hard work, and not "coincidence".  So watch for announcements for the new album. You'll have an opportunity to pre-order.
  • Another project "in the hopper" (as Cathy often times refers to new ideas, and plans) is a 25th EDITION ALBUM.  The year of 2017 will mark 25 years of Music having assisted with her Right Livelihood.  This album will be a compilation of her original compositions from each of her 10 albums, and perhaps a couple of bonus tracks newly written honoring this milestone in her life.  Watch for announcement of that in the beginning of 2017.


  • Concerts - Spiritual Retreats (now 20 years of co-facilitating with my dear Friend, Colleague and Author, Neale Donald Walsch) and Guest Speaking fill this year. 
  • "As the 25th Anniversary of Music assisting in my Right Livelihood approaches the beginning of 2017, I am excited about gearing up for next year's concerts and the new FOLK ALBUM.  Check back to my website for updates and album release date.  Anyone - person or organization - desiring to sponsor a concert, please send an email to  We can look at possible dates and venues."
  • Mama continues to be content in her "new digs".  While home I visit her, or take her out for rides, as much as I possibly am able.  This year marks 86 years of life for her. 
  • This year marks a milestone for Cathy, as well, as she enters her 6th decade of life. "It is so hard to believe as, most days, I don't feel that I am 60 years old.  Time surely does fly, and life moves along rapidly.  I will continue taking care of myself so that with each milestone birthday it doesn't feel as though that many years could have passed. Every day, every year is precious to me as so many of my dear friends leave this earthly life - reminding me when they go of how quickly time flies and the importance of living life FULLY and delivering our Gifts to Hearts and Lives along the way.
  • With this year being Cathy's SILVER ANNIVERSARY (25 years of Music assisting in her "Right Livelihood") plans for her 10th Album and a Tour were put on hold due to a tragic accident in June, followed by death in July of, her brother Timothy.  "Death is truly the most difficult experience of life, even though I understand it to be a continuation of life in the form of our Spiritual Being. My brother is missed immensely!"
  • Cathy's Music Ministry for the CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD RETREATS, alonside of her Friend/Colleague, Neale Donald Walsch, continues - this being her 21st annual New Year Retreat.  Four retreats are presented each year in Medford, Oregon with people gathering from around the world to share in these  3-day-life-changing events.  "I have met, and continue to meet, beautiful souls that I build a beautiful friendship with, and connect with while traveling for my own concerts in various places in the world. Such a blessing!"
  • The first stage of recording ALBUM NUMBER 10 began in October of this year in Vancouver, Washington with Friend/Engineer/Co-Producer, Jim Fischer.  This album will be the 6th album project Cathy has co-created with Jim.  "Magic happens in the studio with Jim!  He is an amazing musician, and a fabulous Engineer, with years of experience.  With Jim having a career of performing around the world, for decades, he knows the Performing Artist aspect of recording, and captures that. I am SO very Grateful for his Gifts, Talent and Friendship!"  The album is expected to be completed by early spring of 2018.