Cathy's music covers such an array of intention......
The many sides to her music covers Entertaining, Heart Opening, Life Changing, Inspiring, and, not the very least, HEALING
"Whether it be to enterain you during a concert, accompany you, through her recorded CDs, on your life journey during a joyfilled experience, or a difficult time in your life, at the time of one going through surgery and hospital care, or the most honorable time of one who is making his/her transition from this life into the next, it is an honor beyond words to have a place in the hearts of so many!  THIS is truly what my gift of music is all about.  I never lose sight of this, and my heart overflows with Gratitude to ALL who allow my music to touch you - one life at a time, one heart at a time." 
2017 marked Cathy's 25th Anniversary of Music assisting in her Right Livelihood.  A SILVER ANNIVERSARY CONCERT TOUR is being planned, along with her 10th album - BACK TO MY ROOTS - Volume II - more FOLK MUSIC from the 60s and 70s that inspired her so many years ago.  A music album of original compositions will follow the folk album.