Cathy's connection with, and desire to be an inspiration for, our younger generation has taken her into schools to present programs of Inspiration and Motivation.  Having worked in the past with the award winning team, Motivational Speakers and Authors from Chicago, Danny and Marie Lena, as well as author/teacher John St. Augustine, Cathy brings her gift of music and spoken word to the youth.  Cathy says, "The teachers who crossed my path during my crucial (growing) years were pivotal in many of my decision making times. I recall those who came to our school to present educational and motivational experiences.  I offer this to our young people allowing them to take with them that which will serve them, and our world. Music opens the heart, after hearing postive spoken words, dropping them deeper into the subconscious to draw upon now, and in future times.  It is my intention to assist our young people in creating their futures, and assisting in the future of our planet, in postive and loving ways."  
Cathy speaks to experiences of SELF ESTEEM, CONSIDERATION, COMPASSION and RESPECT FOR THE SELF and OTHERS (Family members, Elders, Classmates, and Peers), BULLYING, GRIEF and SADNESS, how to get to a place within of JOY and HAPPINESS, GOAL SETTING and FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS.
If you would like to inquire about Cathy's availability, and the cost for these programs please email us at:


DANNY and MARIE LEAN are authors and presenters of PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMS (P.E.P.)
Danny says, "Over a 4 year timeline, we had the opportunity, and honor, of working with Cathy Bolton in public and private schools, as well as business locations, across the country.
She would join us as we presented our SAFE and DRUG FREE SCHOOL P.E.P. PROGRAMS. Our presentations were for a full school assembly, or smaller single class groups - during the day for teachers, and after school evening programs for the parents.  Our topics were based on program goals, human condition issues, age and/or gender specific titles.  Our curriculum setup was basically the same with Marie and I speaking and presenting for the groups, and then Cathy opening hearts and minds further with her spoken word, and music.  Our joint programs were featured in small rural schools, larger urban public high schools of the Chicago public school systems, and for corporate executives on retreat.
Now, many years later, I'm so proud to say that Cathy is our dear, dear Friend, a mother of 2 happy, loving and successful young adults.  She continues to share her gifts of being an Inspirational Author, Singer-Songwriter-International Recording Artist and Teacher.  We cannot value highly enough the addition of having had Cathy Bolton work, and play with us!"  
Danny and Marie Lena, Chicago IL

Marie:  312.735.2484
Danny: 312.735.2482

(How you can raise your own bar by recreating who you really are!)

JOHN ST. AUGUSTINE is The New Voice of America  
Motivational and Inspirational Speaker
Powerthoughts! on OPRAH & FRIENDS Radio
Senior Producer behind Dr. Oz, & Bob Greene.

John says, "I have had the privilege of working with Cathy Bolton over the course of 15 years, myself being an Author, Speaker and Radio Talk Show Host. From having her as a Guest on my programs in the radio station studio to co-presenting Empowerment Programs for various audiences, and attending her live concert performances, I am honored to call her my Friend and Colleague.
Cathy is a top-notch speaker, and performer, bringing messages that encourage and inspire her audiences.  The impact is immediate and visible as one of her many messages is the importance of "remembering who we really are" no matter what life throws our way.  Another of her messages to the youth is her encouragement for them to know that each of us has some hidden talent - a gift waiting that is developed along our journey on this road of life. Her performances, and the deliverence of her spoken word, are heartfelt, and professional, as she is a seasoned Speaker~Singer~Songwriter~International Recording Artist that would be an asset to any program.  As I recall, I had to follow her after our last program we presented.  Not an easy thing to do!"

John St. Augustine

JESSIE SERONKO is the TITLE VII NATIVE AMERICAN COORDINATOR/DIRECTOR for the School District of Gladstone, Michigan  

Jessie says: "I met Cathy Bolton about 15 years ago at an event where she was the featured Musical Performer for the evening.  She has always been such a positive Light to all whom she meets.  She inspires me, and countless others through her beautiful voice, the songs that she has composed, as well as songs she chooses to perform by other songwriters, and her spoken word. Her smile is contagious!
In 2009, we started a tradition at our school of honoring ALL of our graduates (not just the Native American Indian students in our district) in a special ceremony. This ceremony we call "The Senior Honor Ceremony" is held during the senior graduate's last hour of their last day of high school....a few days prior to their graducation ceremony where they receive their diplomas.  It is such a special program that many of the graduates tell me that it means more to them than the actual commencement ceremony.  Students cry, dance, laugh and bond one last time during this event that is just for them.  Observing this special ceremony are the underclassmen, teachers/administration, school board members and parents of the graduates. During this special ceremony the Graduates gather in a circle around a Native American drum that was made several years ago by a Native American student of mine for an Eagle Scout project. (Students from K through 12, as well as administration, and teachers, all contributed to the creation of this amazing drum. This drum represents all who created it, and it is the high school sports team's drum.  Signatures of all who created it are burned in the wood around the circle of the drum. 

Each year, we have a keynote speaker, and/or performer to be part of this special hour.  Cathy was invited to come and share her gift with the graduating class.  Her words, and music, were very moving, and inspirational for the graduates, and all who attended.  Students remembered all that she shared with them, and at our Commencement Exercise our Superintendent reiterated, mentioning the powerful, inspirational music and message she delivered at our Honor Ceremony, and how profound her message was.
Cathy’s words, and music come from the heart, and the heart only speaks the truth.  It is a direction in life that will never lead you wrong.  We were so honored to have Cathy come to our school and be a part of the Senior Honor Ceremony. 
Jessie Seronko
Indian Education Program
Gladstone Schools
(906) 789-8482  office,   (906) 399-9167 cell