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"WELCOME to my website. I am honored that you chose to stop by!

On this page you can hear some of my music - some orginals, as well as cover tunes. A banner should have popped up in the UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER on this page announcing music clips. 
I am honored to share with you that my song REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE has touched hearts and lives around the world, having been recorded on WINDHAM HILL RECORDS. - a compilation CD along with selections by YANNI, GEORGE WINSTON, JIM BRICKMAN, and others.  It is being used as a 'theme song' for many support groups that gather together, used on websites, and is being considered for a television theme song.  I also placed this one on my CD  THE-WIND-BENEATH-MY-WINGS. 

When you listen to the sound clips here, the first grouping of sample songs include my recording of OVER THE RAINBOW/WONDERFUL WORLD MEDLEY.  This arrangment was made poplular by the late, great IZ from Hawaii. I included this song on my FROM THE HEART CD.  Next on the sampler is John Lennon's IMAGINE, one of my favorite songs that he wrote with a profound, timeless message.  My third selection here is a song that I resonate with deeply - COLORS OF THE WIND - from the movie Pocahontas. We have been entrusted to be good stewards of this amazing planet Earth. This song speaks about that for me, as well as the diversity of who we are as members of the Human Family.  My 4th selection is a song written by my good friend, and fellow musician, RAY SCHULTZ.  It is titled INTUITION and is on my album THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS. The next grouping of songs is a selection of my ORIGINALS.  First up is the title track from my first album CHANGES. The 2nd selection is MEDITATION - a song that can guide you into a peaceful state.  3rd up is KALEIDOSCOPE.  These two selections are on my IN THE GARDEN album.  Last, but not least, REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.
Some other details that might interest you..... my dear friend, the late, Great DENNIS WEAVER, wrote a poem many years ago that he would use following his lectures and presentations on "creating a sustainable future for generations to come", to which I composed music for. I titled the song DREAM YOUR EAGLE.  It received radio airplay (and continues to) and was sent to THE RECORDING ACADEMY for consideration of a 51st annual GRAMMY nomination. Although it did not receive nomination, it was an honor, just the same.

Asked to compose a song for the now Venerable Bishop Baraga - AN ANGEL FOR THE WORLD flowed in and through me. I placed this one, as well as DREAM YOUR EAGLE on my 7th CD - ANGELS AND EAGLES.
Please enjoy my site, and come back often to see updates and my performance schedule in the event that we will be in your area.  I would love to see you at one of my concerts."

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