Cathy's Friend, the late, great Dennis Weaver,  Actor, Environmentalist, Author and Human Being Extraordinaire said about his friend, "Cathy's music speaks to your heart and sings to your soul!"

Singing since she was a little girl, Cathy says, "I came in singing, and have been singing ever since.  There is a song for every thing, and every experience of life, and much is worth singing about!"

Folk and country are her roots, and folk was her prominent choice throughout her teen years.  She is self taught on the guitar - picking it up at the age of 13 and learning any song that resonated with her and that she felt she could do justice to. Pop Rock & light Blues add extra flavor to her style.

Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell, Peter Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, John Denver, Linda Rostadt and Carly Simon were major influences.  Later, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Pam Tillis, Suzy Bogguss, Reba McEntire and other such country artists became among her favorites.  While working with bands in the mid to late 80's Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar, Patty Smyth and Chrissie Hynde influenced her style for more upbeat musical performances.  

THE JOURNEY............"I kept going back to solo work in between putting bands together and working with them.  When it was obvious that most players weren't as serious about this being their livelihood, I stayed with the solo work, which has assisted in making my living for 26 years.  It is with Gratitude that I continue my solo work as fans around the globe respond with appreciation, and love." Having traveled to, and performed for audiences in, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and the United States, opportunities to meet thousands of people continue. What a Bless-ed Journey!

CONCERT OPENERS.........Opening in concert for Dan Seals and Toby Keith, and sharing the stage with many seasoned recording artists only continued to satisfy her appetite for more of the same.

CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD MUSIC MINISTRY.........In 1997 Cathy was invited to provide music for a theater of 800 people prior to Neale Donald Walsch's presentation of his recently released book, CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD - Book 1, that touched millions of people on the planet, and changed people's lives forever with an understanding of God that makes sense to the human heart and mind. From that evening forward, 22 years ago, Cathy has joined her Friend and colleague as they present Spiritual Retreats four times a year in Southern Oregon, enhancing, an changing lives forever.

SONGWRITING..........Cathy's song writing is about life experiences, the good, and the not-so-good.  It seems to touch people as they relate through whatever experience they are in the midst of.  "We're all in this game of life together and music makes it easier to get through some of the tough stuff.  I am honored to have my music do that for folks. And the fun stuff?  There's plenty of humor, and plenty of fun music to go with it."


With ten (10) music albums to her credit:

The first being recorded in 1992 - 10 original songs with the album being titled CHANGES in CD format and Cassette

The second was released in 1994 - 6 originals 4 cover tunes the title being IN THE GARDEN

The third was released in 1996 - 3 originals with 3 cover tunes and 4 songs written by fellow songwriters - Album title THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS (and yes!  ANOTHER rendition of title track!)

The fourth was released in 1998 - a collaboration album with fellow songwriter Don Eaton and titled SONGS FROM THE CONVERSATIONS with GOD SPIRITUAL RETREATS.

The fifth was released in 2000 - a Christmas album with the title track being original - CHRISTMAS LOVE.

The sixth was released in 2002 - FROM THE HEART with 2 originals and 12 cover tunes

The seventh was released in 2006 - ANGELS & EAGLES with 5 originals and 9 cover tunes.  The title track was written in tribute to her husband, Tim, who died in a plane crash in July of 2005. "This was my Grief Healing music project!"

The eighth album was released in September of 2008 - BACK TO MY ROOTS - Volume I - a Folk Album - a masterpiece with songs from Peter Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez,  Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell, John Denver and the title track being an original tune.

The ninth album was released in 2013 titled PASSAGE OF TIME featuring 6 original compositions and Martina McBride's song ANYWAY, Mary Chapin Carpenter's WE TRAVELED, Tia Siller's I HOPE YOU DANCE, BRING ON THE RAIN, LESSONS LEARNED AT HOME and Don Eaton's IT MAKES ME LONESOME.

Celebrating Cathy's SILVER ANNIVERSARY - 25 years of music assisting in her Livelihood - album number 10 was released in 2018 - BACK TO MY ROOTS - Volume II. This album features more of her favorite, and well known FOLK songs from the late 60s/early 70s.

A selection from her album, ANGELS & EAGLES, was a poem written by Cathy's dear friend, the late, great Dennis Weaver to which he invited Cathy to put to music.  It received radio air play and was considered for a 51st annual Grammy Award.  "Although it was not chosen for a nomination it was an honor for me to have a song receive this consideration!"

In the early 2000s, 4 of her pieces were featured on two WINDHAM HILL collaboration CDs along with music by Yanni, George Winston, Jim Brickman and other amazing artists.  These music albums are available in music and book stores around the world.  The titles of these two albums are Conversations with God - Disc Two, and Communion with God - both non-religious, yet highly spiritual.

Cathy continues to deliver her gift of music to hearts and lives around the globe through Concerts - Theaters, Home Concerts, Outdoor Concert Venues, Spiritual Retreats.  If you would like to book her for an intimate concert in your Home for your family and friends, or a venue where larger numbers can appreciate her music feel free to contact us at